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a whole heap of English setters! Casey, Splash and Faith 12/31/03

While I was most familiar with Gordon setters growing up (my father field trialed Gordons, as he used to describe it, way before my time), my husband David grew up with family friends who had a houseful of English setters.  Now we do, too!

We admire their show and hunting ability, but mostly we love their temperament.  We spent far too short a time with our first English, a rescue who developed osteosarcoma, but each of the Tamarack English setters who have arrived since our beloved Winston departed for the Bridge have been proof of the wonderful English ability to cope, to roll with "the punches" of living with an active family, and to love everyone with whom they come in contact!

Do we love English best?  Nahhhhhhhhhh!  But are they a special breed?  You bet!

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