Puppies & Upcoming Litters

We currently have no litters planned--please check back for further updates!

If you are interested in owning a setter puppy, we may know someone with

puppies available--please email us at estitch03@verizon.net

Please do your breed homework--setters and border collies are unique creatures, and owning a

puppy is making a commitment to that puppy for the rest of its life!  Be sure you're the

right person/family to be owned by a setter or border collie.....




Sheila and a present Christmas 2006
Our current puppy isn't a setter!  Although she's already very good at herding them!  She is Sheila, whelped 7/10/06.  Officially she's Rising Star's Eye on Ewe at Tamarack, and David hopes to do conformation, herding, and agility with her.
Beezie at 3 months
Bonnie at 10 weeks